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Our Pharmacy

All the medicines prescribed and used in our hospital are manufactured at our facility, CNS Chikitsalayam, Mezhathur, a GMP certified manufacturing unit whose name is enlisted in the approved list of manufacturers by Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Govt. of India under CS (MA) Rules.

In our production unit we produce ayurvedic medicines mainly for our own use.

Dr. Sreenivasan directly ensures the quality control norms in each stage of preparation of the medicines.

Further, many a time special medicines are prepared here according to a patient’s condition.

The ability to be flexible and do the above differentiates us from other organizations that provide similar services.

Special Products :

Some genuine preparations which are exclusively of our own are prepared under e research and development. Medicines are prepared in utensils of brass and wooden barrels for fermentation. Every medicine is prepared under the control and supervision of the chief Physician Gangadaranvaidyar and Dr.Srinivasan .

our treatments

Ayurveda has developed magnificent treatments for renewing body and deeply centering and settling the mind. When the mind is deeply centered and settled, the body will naturally heal faster and age slower. Many of the treatments involve use of therapeutic oils and decoctions that have rare and prescious herbs that have been prepared in specific samayoga or combinations to have a profoundly healing effect. The combination of up to 50 or more ingredients in many of the preparations , creates a remarkable effect when applied on specific points by our therapists. The sages and great Vaidyas over the ages created our rejuvenation treatments and each of them is carefully prescribed by our Vaidya (Ayurvedic physician) to be well matched to your age, condition and body type.

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